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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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trio 1Trio Spiral Staircase


Trio 180° is the first spiral staircase created to optimize small spaces, without renouncing to the design and aesthetics of living spaces.

Space is the greatest luxury of our times. Overcrowding of urban areas and, in some cases, a limited family income, often lead to a reduced quality of the living spaces.

Nonetheless, "small" doesn't necessarily mean of scarce aesthetic value.

For this reason Rintal created Trio 180°, the first spiral staircase designed to optimally furnish even the small spaces, because it allows to reach upper floors in only 180°, half of the size of a traditional spiral staircase.

Born from the design philosophy of the Rintal Stair System™, an innovative way of thinking and designing "staircases" signed by Rintal and Giugiaro Architettura and that allows the maximum level of customization, versatility and adaptability, Trio 180° is available in different colours, from traditional to unusual ones, thus turning even minimum spaces into beautiful and functional environments.

Modular spiral staircase with SEMI-CIRCULAR PLANT, adjustable in Height by using spacers (METAL) and disks of transparent polycarbonate. The main structure is composed by a CENTRAL POST on which treads are inserted.


Rises: variable from 19 to 24 cm each

Tread Shape: alternate concave and convex

Diameter: 120 cm (nr of treads can be 10/12/14)

Beech Treads: (standard Rintal colours + sample colour)

Central Post Spacers: Metal

Railings: fixed to the side to the tread with 2,5cm columns plus cables and flexible moplen handrail



Trio Spiral

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